Friday, 27 February 2009


Hi I am Millie a six month old Rottweiler
I was living with my Mum, Dad, 2 brothers and my humans.
The humans tried to find good homes for us pups but they could not, so they asked at the vets for help. They told them about Pawz For Thought who offered to help.
After we had a vist from Lynne to see we were good pups Liz and Brian came to see us they took Taylor my brother with they on foster.
A week later Kevin came to see us with his daughter they took me home with them.
So here I am in a foster home with Kevin and his family plus the dogs.

Jet The Boss
Jet is keeping me in line, he makes sure I know how to be with other dogs.

She was not very nice to me when I came, but we are now great friends and love to play.

Tye is another foster dog he has been nice and made me welcome.
He did have a grump at me but I was having a chew of his tail when he was having a nap.
I will keep you updated on how things go for me.


  1. Hi Millie,

    ooohh I'm so excited that you have a blog!! You are so lucky to be living at Cara's they will take really good care of you! That is such a pretty photograph of you, hope to see you soon,

    Ben xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Millie
    We are also really excited about your blog! We should warn you however it gets a bit addictive!
    You are looking incredibly beautiful in your photograph and I am sure someone will love you to become part of their family. Good luck on finding your furever home.
    love Martha xx

  3. Hello Millie!

    Its scary initialy being with new family but am more than certain life with them will grow on you! You're such a handsome little rottie and so are your Furry Family.

    Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog WOods