Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The School Run

The school run is great I love it. I get to see lots of children and a few of them like to fuss me.

I saw lots of other dogs out for thier walks and we met a doggy friend of Jet and Cara he lives over the road so hope to see more of him.It was hard work looking cute and walking so when we got home I wanted to sleep but Cara did not.

but i won

I have just seen Taylor on Bobby's blog he looks good and happy.
I think he has got his foster Mum under his paw.


  1. Hi Millie -

    I saw woo on HANDSOME Ben's page...

    Then I saw the word RUN...

    I love to run! I like kids to dote on me too!

    I'll stop bakhk again sometime but woo are khwite a khutie!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm the one that Ben is sweet on ;-)

  2. Hi Millie
    Glad you enjoyed the school run - you are wise to catch up on your sleep though cos you are still a puppy and need to grow!
    Cara is a grown up so doesnt need so much sleep - these collies are always on the go!
    Thank you for asking after me - I was very very scared to go to the Vet but had gone last week in advance to discuss how scared I was!!!
    The Vet was so sweet and arranged things for me so it wasnt so bad!
    I am still feeling a bit sleepy but it doesnt seem to have been the major set back my mum was worried about!
    You know what there like!
    love and kisses
    Martha xx
    PS Bailey too xxxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed the school run Millie.
    That Cara is a bit nuts isn't she.. I love my naps.. what dog doesn't love to nap!
    We spied Taylor over at Auntie Liz' page too.. we think she is secretly planning to keep him, she has a bit of a soft spot for big black dogs! I'm sure Taylor will have her wrapped right around his paw in no time at all.. just don't tell Auntie Liz I said that!


    Ben xxxx

  4. Hi we're here to meet you, you're beautiful... xxx

  5. Glad you like the school run, you do look nice. Yes Taylor does have Auntie Liz wrapped round his paws. I bet she keeps him, Brian will anyway I bet three of my best treats.