Saturday, 7 March 2009

A walk in the park

We went to the park today and had a great time but Kevin thinks I may be part hippo.
I met some new dogs and was a good girl and said hello nicely.
After the park we went to the pet shop it was huge I wanted to eat everything.


  1. That is one happy Border Khollie!

    It looks like woo had lots and lots of fun!

    I hope next weekend is as much fun as this one fur woo!


  2. Looks like you are having a good time on your walk. I have not been to the pet shop. But auntie Lynne and John took Ned in and that was the wrong thing to do.

  3. Hi Millie,

    What a good girl you are playing nice with the other dogs. I bet Cara had to have a B-A-T-H when she got home didn't she? BOL!
    Gorgeous photos and we LOVED the video.. of course I could hardly see it for the crowd of two leggeds around the laptop!! Honestly there was so much ooohing and aahhhing not only could I not see.. I couldn't hear a thing either! Don't they know it's MY Laptop!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  4. Hi Millie

    That looked like a really nice walk with other dogs to play with. We liked your pictures today and the video.
    You look bigger and more beautiful everytime we see you!
    We have not been into the pet shop yet but we might try soon. We hear they have nice treats that dogs can eat for free!
    Have a nice Sunday - we have snow again here today!

    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Millie it looks like your having great fun, we are telling Taylor about the fun your having and he has suggested a swap, I say 1 big dog is one too many, as we are sleeping on the same cushions